Solar Power

Whether you want a system that decreases your electric bill a little, or you want to be completely energy independent (off grid) we can customize the perfect system for you. With special financing options that allows 100% of the costs, and no money out of pocket, this is the perfect time to go solar. Combine this with the federal government’s 30% tax credit of the total cost, doesn’t make sense to make the switch to solar? Energy rates are going up, and there is no sign that this pace will not continue. Talk to one of our energy independent consultants to schedule a free at home evaluation today.

Save money on energy bills & go green with solar today! We will help provide & install your solar panels as San Diego’s #1 Certified Roofer for the job.

Here are just some of the reasons San Diego business owners like you choose TAG Roofing and Solar:

Scheduling that fits your plans not ours

The most roof we can put on for the most cost efficient method

Specialized roofing and design that meets architectural standards

The most reliable and often most affordable re-roof or repair possible

24-hour emergency service

An expansive certification on many roofing applications of roofing systems and products to fit your needs